Thursday, November 10, 2016

Porting Guide for MT-6735 (64 bit)

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Let's Start

First Create 2 folders named 1 Stock & 2 Port

Then Collect some system files by Es File Explorer/Root Explorer from Device System & Copy to Stock folder with Creating Folder Example

create lib folder in Stock & then replace


from Device System

Do these with lib64 u will find this file in lib64

Go to hw in both lib & lib64 & collect Audio related files...

Go to etc & Copy bluethooth,firmware to Stock folder by Creating Etc folder in Stock

if notification light is not working then replace lights default so from hw in lib & lib 64 folder

Step 1 Complete!

now Extract the Custom rom in Port folder & replace all files from Stock to Port Folder & Replace Boot.img in some roms need to port boot.img also.......
Don't need to Edit META-INF
goto build prop & Change lcd density

That's All Now Make a zip


  1. Hi,
    can you tell me how to fix light of the capacitive buttons (they don't light up)?


  2. camera auto focus nor working
    how to fix it please